Blower Packages

Custom Engineered Blower Packages by ACFM

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Pre-Engineered ROOTSTM EasyAir® X2 Blower Package

The EasyAir® X2 system provides performance engineering in a standard package. It is produced for vacuum or pressure applications, enabling simple, on-site installation, and low ownership cost.



  • The inlet filter is accessible through key lock panels for easy removal and ample access to equipment
  • Inlet room air routes from the front of the package and exhaust air routes to the rear of the package near the discharge connection
  • No electric fan hookup required as the fan is mounted on the blower shaft and driven mechanically resulting in longer life
  • Patented automatic belt tension system optimizes performance and extends belt life
  • Panel-mounted gauges (inlet filter differential, blower exhaust temperature and pressure) and external oil level view for easy monitoring
  • Up to 22dBA free field noise attenuation with enclosure
  • Integrated forklift access at front of package
  • Standard pipe size for available connections