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IGS Group Acquires ACFM, Inc. a Roots™ Blower Distributor

October 26, 2012

HOUSTON, TEXAS - The IGS Group, encompassing Generon IGS, Houston Vessel Manufacturing, Global Nitrogen Services and Houston Compression & Services acquired ACFM Inc, Factory Representatives for Dresser Roots™ Blowers in Texas and Oklahoma, on August 1, 2012.

ACFM Inc, established in 1999 is the authorized Roots distributor in southern Texas.  ACFM’s  primary business is in air and gas handling systems for pressure and vacuum applications in a multitude of areas, including, material handling, waste water treatment, process vacuum, chemical and petroleum applications, vapor recovery, VOC’s, and many more.  The acquisition enhances the IGS Groups reputation as a worldwide leader in air and gas systems.

IGS group President; Tom Jeffers is excited about the addition of ACFM Inc: Not only is Roots a quality standalone product, it will allow us to offer more turnkey solutions for our clients. The team at ACFM brings with them a strong history of being a customer focus driven organization and is a great fit for the IGS Group of Companies.