Roots is the Original Positive Displacement Blower

The Roots brothers discovered the principle of the positive displacement blower in 1854. This PD blower principle is still the guiding technology behind the rotary blowers manufactured today. Dresser Roots has become known for its innovation, competitiveness, and operational excellence in the global markets it serves.

1854 - The Roots Rotary Lobe Blower principle is discovered by Francis & Philander Roots.

1867 - Roots Rotary Positive Displacement Blower receives highest award at Paris World's Fair while in the meantime New York subway under Broadway avenue is powered by the Western Tornado, a Roots Blower that was 21-1/2 feet tall.

1873 - Roots Blower wins Machinery at Vienna Exhibition.

1876 - Roots Blower takes 1st place at the U.S. Centennial Exhibition.

1893 - Ex-employee acquires patent for modified blower and forms Connersville Blower Company.

1914 - Roots tri-lobe impeller is developed.

1929 - Roots and Connersville Blower are both purchased by Stacy Engineering Company and Produce Centrifugal Compressors.

1931 - Stacy Engineering Merges with IDECO. Roots Blowers and Connersville Blowers are combined.

1941- Roots Blowers supplies the U.S. Navy submarines and craft with special screw compressors used to blow ballast.

1944 -Dresser Industries, Inc. acquires control of Roots Blowers.

1990- Dresser Roots Blowers acquires Holmes operation in the U.K., Founded in 1850, manufacturer of rotary positive displacement air blowers.

1998 - Dresser Roots Industries merged with Halliburton

2001 -Dresser Roots Equipment Group separated from Halliburton to form Dresser Inc.

2011 Dresser Inc. purchased by GE